Brick Options:

4"x 8", 3 lines of text, 20 characters per line - $175

8"x 8", 6 lines of text, 20 characters per line - $350

Laser Engraving & Guarantee:

Our bricks are laser engraved that withstand the tests of time and are unharmed by even the harshest weather. The intense heat from the laser beam causes the brick’s material to change into a dark ceramic mark that lasts forever. It becomes part of the brick, and not once during the engraving process is the brick’s integrity compromised. The engraved design won’t fade or crack away with sun and weather exposure; over time the engraving will still be crisp and legible. Since no epoxies, grouts or fillers are used in the laser engraving process, nothing can fade, chip, or fall out over time.