Justine & Clifton Fink - New York, NY 

Robert Nimkoff - Weston, NY 

Chuck Ange - Lakeville, CT - In memory of Marsha Willner

Dale & Joann Milsark - Summit, NJ - In honor of the Milsark family. Avid car enthusiast

Don & Michaela Klein - New Milford, CT 

Ronald Schaefer - Pine Bush, NY - In memory of Stacy Schaefer

Alan J. Siniscalchi - Highland, CT 

Dr. Michael & Linda Breault - Niskayuna, NY 

John Brice - Ridgefield, CT - In memory of our beautiful daughter, Jacqueline Julia "JJ" Brice from Mom, Dad, Chris & Mike

Ralph Steinberg - Glen Riddle, PA - In memory of John (Jake) Jacobson (1930-2011) A Racer & Friend.

A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your soul. In memory of Candy J. Stephani (1955 - 2011) A Racer & Friend.

Lime Rock Righthanders Club - Lakeville, CT 

ArborWorks/Arbor Services of Conn  

The Troast Family - Totowa, NJ - In memory of Franz & Kathryn

Senna, Lyka and the Gearhead Girls - Collinsville/Falls Village, CT - In memory of Lancer 

Fred & Sandra Stevenson - Lakeville, CT - In honor of our 30th wedding anniversary

May 2012 Lime Rock Destination Tour for Survive the Drive - Lakeville, CT 

Baron Jacobs - Oxford, CT 

Canal Creatures Productions - Brooklyn, NY - In honor of Christopher WEBB Films

The Andrews Family - Toms River, NJ - In honor of "Years of Family Fun" 

The Clarkson Family Princeton Junction, NJ - In honor of "Tony Clarkson's 75th Birthday"

The Lohmeyer Family - Berlin, CT 

Collection of Donations from Friends and Family - In memory of Norm Fisher

The Lime Rock Committee - West Hartford, CT - In memory of our beloved Lime Rock brother Scott W. Polley "No Lift - Forever Golden Hour"

Larry Koch, Former BMW M Brand Manager  

Joe & Peggy Wolf - Windham, NH 

Peter Pulver - Davie, FL - In honor of Lotus Racing East 

The Berentson Family - New York, NY - In memory of John F. Berentson (1939 - 2003) 

Mark Degennaro - Cold Spring Harbor, NY - In memory of Bob Smiley #56 from his sister Florence

John Lossing (Insiders Club member) - Wallingford, CT 

People's United Bank - CT/MA 

BMW of Manhattan - New York, NY - In honor of the Historic Festival 31, Sunday in the Park Concours - Kids Choice Award - Judges from the Ronald McDonald House

John & Andrea Frank  

Ed Hyman - New Milford, CT - In honor of John Cooper Fitch (Aug. 5 1917 - Oct. 31 2012) 

Argyle Project Management, LLC - Norwalk, CT - In memory of John and Marie Messina

BMW CCA Connecticut Valley Chapter - Hartford, CT 

Rob Leduc - Beacon Falls, CT - In memory of Ted Kuziak

Richard Ratajczak & "His Friends of Racing" In memory of Charlie Earwood 

Jason Permenter - Woodstock, NY - In memory of William F Permenter

LRP Staff - Lakeville, CT - Red Oak

Jared Fisher Paperbark Maple

Smith, Watson, Co.Great - Barrington, MA Sugar Maple

Watkins Red Oak

Jacobson Families Red Oak

Nell Pin Oak

Frank Red Oak

Frank Japanese Zelkova

Florence Smiley Red Maple

Dean Cusano Birch

Bill Mitchell

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