We’ve retained two certified and licensed arborists – Arbor Services of Connecticut from Washington Depot, and ArborWorks from East Hartland – who’ve mapped out specific locations and tree types for optimum sustainability and beauty. This mapping includes the Infield and Outfield Spectator Hillsides, since we know our fans love access to additional shade.


The cost to buy a tree, which includes a permanent commemorative plaque in the name of your choosing, is $1,350. There are many tree- and location options to choose from (see attached map and purchase/donation forms). The trees we plant will range in width (“caliper,” as the experts put it) from 2 to 4 inches, and the starting heights are 5 to 11 feet. The trees reach functional maturity in 5 to 6 years. We look forward to your help in structuring these areas.


You may instead choose to donate any dollar amount toward the project, as we appreciate all levels of support. Everyone will be recognized on the Planting for the Future: 55 TREES Fundraising Board to be displayed on the property all season long.


100 percent of the fundraising money goes to the purchasing, planting and maintenance of the trees. We anticipate a mix of individual, group and corporate donations. If you have specific reasons on why and how you wish to donate, we want to know about it and will do all we can to accommodate you! We believe that this will be a fun and exciting collaborative project, further enhancing the Lime Rock Park friends and family community. We encourage you to follow the status of the project online.


If a corporation or any entity wishes to be involved even more significantly, such as obtaining exclusive naming rights to a grove or overall sponsorship, please contact Lime Rock Park at


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