Join us as we celebrate Lime Rock Park’s 60th Anniversary by building out the dream – creating a lasting road racing environment that embraces the future and testifies to our commitment – TRADITION. BEAUTY. SPEED.


Lime Rock Park is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2017. Millions of dollars have already been put into the facility and more will continue to be invested in upgrading every part of this historic track as this year continues and into future years to come.


The current list of capital improvements and commemorative projects include:


• A Sam Posey designed “Legends of Lime Rock” structure adorned with bronze plaques of our honorees, track records and more.


• A Fan Walk paved with personalized bricks


• Installing a state-of-the art video leaderboard


• Expanding medical facilities


• Improving handicap access facility wide


• Level and expand the hospitality village


• Rebuild and expand restroom and shower facilities


• Improve cellular coverage and Wi-Fi service


• Landscape and beautify the track.