55 Trees

In 2012, 55 years after Lime Rock Park opened for the very first time, we launched a massive arbor campaign called “55 Trees.” Track President Skip Barber, looking way down the road, wanted to ensure that the wonderful look and feel of Lime Rock would remain unique for the next six decades.


That emotional appeal is in large part due to the huge shade trees that have populated the spectator hillsides from the very beginning. So we started planting trees that, 25 years or more from now, would be as big and beautiful as the original trees.


The tagline “Planting for the Future” explained perfectly the intent and goal.


The 55 Trees campaign – the original idea was to sell 55 trees – has been a terrific success: More than 65 people purchased trees in the names of family, friends and organizations to whom Lime Rock Park was important in their lives.


In fact, 55 Trees was so popular, we never ended it. We didn’t change its name, either, because everyone recognized what “55 Trees” was and continue to want to be part of it.


The cost to have a tree – you choose the species – planted at Lime Rock Park on behalf of whomever or whatever you like, is $1,350. The cost includes a permanent plaque at the tree once it reaches properly mature growth.


Click on the links below to learn more, or you can click here [ https://limerockstore.com/products/55-tree-donation ] to go direct to the page to purchase a tree.


55 Trees at Lime Rock Park. Planting for the Future is now...

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